The XR Academy provides a platform where participants can continue to explore, learn and grow in an encouraging after-school space. Utilizing state of the art technology, participants will be led in sessions that will reinforce their literacy, learning and life skills. Winners Circle XR Academy fosters an environment where critical thinking, teamwork and troubleshooting are encouraged. Participants in this program will learn the technologies of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Participants will learn entry level designs of 3D worlds and bring elements in the world to life with coding. Afterwards, participants will be able to navigate the technologies and customize their experience.


Part education, part recreational... all VR FUN!

Students immerse themselves and explore various careers and parts of the world that may not be accessible to them. With this engaging technology, students discuss how XR technology is being utilized in today's industries for training and education. There is also discussion on XR educational applications that can reinforce their learning. We cap it off with some free-play fun VR gaming.


Allow Winners Circle XR Academy, Inc. to match your child with an experienced professional educator to help retain information he/she may have trouble grasping in school with Virtual Reality. VR is an powerful effective medium to help reinforce content that students are learning in school.


A Professional Development to train educators on how to incorporate Virtual and Augmented Reality tools into their classroom.